19 December 2012

Onboard Flight

I'm writing this as im on the plane, en route to Abu Dhabi. I have about 4 hours of transit time there before l make my way to Manchester again.

It's only been 6 hours since I set out on my own... but I've been wishing I had company with me. Travelling alone makes me feel....... like this guy

That said, I have to say the people I've met have been very friendly and random (read: interesting. Hehehe)

I'm sitting amongst two Irishmen, one lady to be exact. They're so animated and chatty.. We've talked about a whole range of stuff from Christmas presents to life in Kuala Lumpur to drug laws... I'm glad I met them because now, my journey doesn't seem so quiet and boring anymore.

I also met a Malaysian lady travelling to the states. now HER story is worth something *takes deep breath*: She's a traditional masseuse on a 4 flight journey, hired by a Malaysian family in new york for post natal services for their 22 year old daughter who have just given birth the same day.

She's been fully sponsored and this is the first time she's travelled so far.

So yeah... talk about random, huh?

17 December 2012

Final Countdown!

In less than 12 hours now I will be making my way to Manchester, UK to see my sister : )

Although she hasn't mentioned anything about snow there, I did hear some rumors of snowfall in London from my colleagues. 

In a desperate attempt to prove this right to make myself happy, I literally googled 'london weather december 2012' and this is what I found









Photo credits to kimbaileyracing.com

Oh! Say it IS so!! 

14 December 2012

13 December 2012

New Year's Resolution

Earlier this year, someone on Twitter posted a question on travel resolutions in 2012. I answered by saying I wanted to see snow for the first time.

By mid January, I miraculously accomplished that resolution.

It was in Oita, Japan. I woke up to a gentle shower of snow flakes and a sheet of white snow covering the fields in front of my sisters' apartment. I felt like the snow was saying "Hi, nice to see you here"

So for next year, I've gotten my resolutions down: For the next 365 days in 2013, I will be travelling at least once a month.

Regardless if its only for the weekend, if its outstation or overseas, I want to start moving about more. I've read a few posts by travel bloggers (thanks to Lina for introducing them) and the thing that I've learnt is that if you want to be an avid traveller, you have to make travelling your priority.

So here's to pushing away the whole Armageddon fiasco, making the most of my life and striving to be the best I can. Pushing away negative thoughts / pessimistic remarks from others, and setting off on my own journey for all the right reasons.

Starting off with my trip to UK. And just as I started out this year, I hope to end this year with the same scene of gentle white snow (and hopefully not much sleet!) I experienced in January this year.

09 December 2012


This is what I'm going to do if it snows heavily in UK

(skip to 0.28)

Winter Must-Haves

Today I came across a winter themed beauty post. Yay! 

It's written by a hijabi sister in the US, Ndaa Hassan, who is a known fashion designer and blogger :)

She has five essential items in her purse for winter, which are..

I'm gonna remember this for my trip, eventhough I've actually lost one of my gloves :(

08 December 2012

Airplane Beauty Regime

I stumbled across this video on YouTube about recently and I'm starting to grow on the idea of turning my own flight journey into a spa :) 

But wait! This video isn't my only new find. . . .

I also found out that Lisa Elridge is a world renowned make-up artist who has worked with hundreds of celebrities, magazine spreads, fashion shows... you name it.

And I absolutely love it that, she's not only so cheery and pleasant in nature, but also very clear about her videos. I love how she explains all the stuff she uses, and that part about the businessman wondering "Who is this bimbo?" feels soo familiar... it makes me love her even more~

So I'm off to collect my own products, even though they won't be the exact same as Lisa's (because copying  exactly, not customising, is a bit weird :P ). 

I may upload a post on my stuff once I have them all!

06 December 2012

Packing Update

At 11 days to the trip, these are the things I have gathered for packing so far.

Somehow, I feel like these, plus my winter jacket, will be enough for this trip.

04 December 2012

Foreign Languages II

Now didn't I just mentioned about the joys of knowing a second language?

Here's a post on reddit by someone who had the same thoughts too:

"If you were given the power to instantly speak and understand five new languages, what would they be?"

Some interesting languages popping up in this post are:

Seems everyone wants to learn Arabic now. I think the worldwide attention on the Arabic-speaking culture and people for the past decade is a very, very interesting topic to observe.

Probably because of China's rising status as a global superpower.
*cue dramatic music*

It's a foreign language I speak a bit myself, and I think most people learn it because its the most popular foreign language to learn. Le simple.

And I quote a commenter: "to read great literature in its original form". How deep.....

A close professor of mine opened me up to the language and literature, and as my friends Iqeen says, its the most beautiful sounding language ever heard.

How interesting! How rare too... it would expose the learner to so much native American culture and history. I like..

All I can think is "Is this person is serious?"

03 December 2012


Sometimes, I truly believe in the power of pampering. I'm not an avid goes of spas or salons, but when I do, I make sure its worth my money. O yeah.

Here are some photos of a nail spa launch I went to this weekend with my \travel-loving friend Lina <3 Something to fill my time while I countdown the days to my trip :)


Check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/NAILSPA.POSH

02 December 2012


Look what I found! A website-come-mobile app to help you learn new languages :)

I'm just trying it out but it seems so fun already :) The layout is user-friendly and pleasant on the eyes. It makes language learning simple, with no frills. 

Now I can work on my French! C'est bien!