08 December 2012

Airplane Beauty Regime

I stumbled across this video on YouTube about recently and I'm starting to grow on the idea of turning my own flight journey into a spa :) 

But wait! This video isn't my only new find. . . .

I also found out that Lisa Elridge is a world renowned make-up artist who has worked with hundreds of celebrities, magazine spreads, fashion shows... you name it.

And I absolutely love it that, she's not only so cheery and pleasant in nature, but also very clear about her videos. I love how she explains all the stuff she uses, and that part about the businessman wondering "Who is this bimbo?" feels soo familiar... it makes me love her even more~

So I'm off to collect my own products, even though they won't be the exact same as Lisa's (because copying  exactly, not customising, is a bit weird :P ). 

I may upload a post on my stuff once I have them all!

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