04 November 2013

Ibn Battuta

This is an infographic of a man who travelled three-folds that of Marco Polo, but is sadly not as well-known.

He is Ibn Battuta, a revered and extensive traveller during the 14th century. As the infograph shows below, he travelled immensely across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and even to the Far East.

This is a short post (come tribute) about this amazing man but hopefully I'll post as much info as I can while I learn more about him.

Click here to see the full version.

02 November 2013

Bucket List #10

I've always had a fear of dark waters..hopefully someday I'll be able to overcome that.


Airline Lingo

We all admire cabin crews. They're these perfect human beings who always seem beautiful, energetic, caring and helpful all the time. Not to mention, above all that, they still find time to keep fit and stay strong(゜◇゜) 

We can't be them, but we can now learn a little a bit of their lingo thanks to these guys and pretend we're that much closer to them.

So here's what your stewardess really means when she is saying:

Blue juice
Toilet water

Crotch watch
To check and ensure all passengers' seat belts are fastened.

Crumb crunchers
Children (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

A passenger who is flying on a business trip.

Gate lice
Passengers who crowd the gate before boarding. (I knew I was right not to do that! (`⊥ ^) )


Landing lips
Ladies who put on lipstick before landing. ( ˘ ³˘)


Passengers who board late, can't find a seat and end up spinning around to find a seat.

Two-for-once special
To indicate a plane that lands, bounces up and touches down again.

Working the village
Working at the economy class.