25 July 2015


It's been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. Even with the "Schedule" option, I still can't get a decent post up at least once a month.

Will this blog meet its demise, just as the many thousands, as a result of neglect? 

Not if I can help it! 
I'm geared to carry on writing, and to improve myself at that.


I must admit though, the only part of this blog that really, truly cuts deep into me is the description I so cleverly came up with when I created this space- 
" Sharing my humble travel experiences, dreams and tips before the age of 25"

I am 25 and 5 months now. And counting. 


But worry not! As I said, I am unfazed and will continue to write! 

Let this post be a testament of my determination to share my experiences - good and bad - with the world, and let it be my motivation to always look forward to the future.


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