04 December 2012

Foreign Languages II

Now didn't I just mentioned about the joys of knowing a second language?

Here's a post on reddit by someone who had the same thoughts too:

"If you were given the power to instantly speak and understand five new languages, what would they be?"

Some interesting languages popping up in this post are:

Seems everyone wants to learn Arabic now. I think the worldwide attention on the Arabic-speaking culture and people for the past decade is a very, very interesting topic to observe.

Probably because of China's rising status as a global superpower.
*cue dramatic music*

It's a foreign language I speak a bit myself, and I think most people learn it because its the most popular foreign language to learn. Le simple.

And I quote a commenter: "to read great literature in its original form". How deep.....

A close professor of mine opened me up to the language and literature, and as my friends Iqeen says, its the most beautiful sounding language ever heard.

How interesting! How rare too... it would expose the learner to so much native American culture and history. I like..

All I can think is "Is this person is serious?"

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