19 December 2012

Onboard Flight

I'm writing this as im on the plane, en route to Abu Dhabi. I have about 4 hours of transit time there before l make my way to Manchester again.

It's only been 6 hours since I set out on my own... but I've been wishing I had company with me. Travelling alone makes me feel....... like this guy

That said, I have to say the people I've met have been very friendly and random (read: interesting. Hehehe)

I'm sitting amongst two Irishmen, one lady to be exact. They're so animated and chatty.. We've talked about a whole range of stuff from Christmas presents to life in Kuala Lumpur to drug laws... I'm glad I met them because now, my journey doesn't seem so quiet and boring anymore.

I also met a Malaysian lady travelling to the states. now HER story is worth something *takes deep breath*: She's a traditional masseuse on a 4 flight journey, hired by a Malaysian family in new york for post natal services for their 22 year old daughter who have just given birth the same day.

She's been fully sponsored and this is the first time she's travelled so far.

So yeah... talk about random, huh?

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