15 August 2014

Capsule Hotel at klia2

Hi everyone!

So recently I have been working on a project at klia2 which is a small hotel called Capsule Hotel.

To be honest, this is one of the exciting projects I was given and I was really happy to be able to work with the team that designed, built and run this hotel :)

The hotel is located at level L2 at the Gateway@klia2 Integrated Complex, or as people know it, the shopping mall of klia2. Haha.

This level is also called the transportation hub, because this is where you take the bus and taxi.

The latest update for buses at klia2 - travel from Paradign Mall, PJ to both international and LCCT airports
It's pretty much at the end of the mall (furthest from the terminal building), but once you are there you really don't feel like going anywhere else! Apart from the Capsule Hotel, there is also a mart, huge restaurant, large waiting area, toilets and even prayer room all on the same level. If I were on a transit, this would be my one and only resting place.

The hotel is simple in its concept - you can stay for 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours. The rates are RM 45, RM 70 and RM 90 respectively (that's about USD 14.08, USD 21.90 and USD 28.16). The amenities offered however, are almost like a complete hotel - there's WiFi access, drinks bar, locker service, bathroom / toilet, changing rooms and even a cozy lounge (come library) to relax at or watch the view outside. Phew!

The entrance to the hotel 
The room concept is as mentioned, like capsules. However this hotel does not offer the usual medical lab-like capsules, but more cozy small spaces which contains a mattress + pillows + comforter, shelf for laptop, plug points, light bulb and for privacy, a blind to shut your capsule entrance.

As you enter the hotel

Capsule sleeping spaces and stairs to mezzanine floor
There are two floors - ground floor and mezzanine (top floor). The last time I spoke to the concierge, they said the mezzanine or top floor was reserved for guys only. This makes sense because the rooms on the top floor are bigger and are more comfortable for men.

Mezzanine floor room
Mezzanine floor walkways
Mezzanine floor changing room (also available on ground floor)
The bathrooms and toilets, separated for men and women, are all located on the ground level. There is hot water available for the showers 24/7 and the bathroom is also quite brightly lit so ladies will not worry about going there alone.

The lounge is my favourite part of the hotel. Last I went, there were orchids on the coffee tables which made the atmosphere so much lovelier. Did I mention all the coffee tables and the benches are made from recycled wood? In fact, almost the entire hotel is made of recycled material, that is wood and steel!

The lounge and library area

Orchids to decorate the lounge ❤
Bright lights~

The view outside the lounge

Environmentally-friendly messages
If you are ever stuck at klia2 or even KLIA International Airport, don't forget to drop by Capsule Hotel for a stay or even a quick look. Remember that you can not only stay at the hotel, but take a shower, rent a locker or get a drink all for very basic rates. You can book on their website capsulecontainer.com or get more information on their Facebook.

Locker area

More locker area behind the reception desk

The hotel amenities plus the hotel shoe rack in the shape of a giant C
Hope this helps you on your next flight transit!