04 January 2013

Long Airport Transfers

Longest airport transfer experienced: 16 hours in Hong Kong
Most recent long haul: 7 hours in Abu Dhabi :(

I always underestimate the effect of a long haul, especially at night time......

Big mistake. 

These hauls can get you bored, irritated, restless and also worsen your jetlag. So here are some tips* on facing long transits comfortably :)

1. Cash*
When I left UK, I had finished my pound currency and didn't prepare any cash for the flight haul, since I thought I could survive without it. Bad idea! Cash is always essential, even if a little, for emergency cases. 

2. Charged phone or tablet
I emphasize "charged". Otherwise, never board without a charger in your hand luggage.

3. Meals
Plan your meals so that you have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. Pack food or find out suitable places* to eat at the airport you are heading to. Otherwise you will be stuck for 7 hours surviving on crisps!

4. Cozy spot
This depends a lot on the facilities of the airport. For me, I find multi-faith rooms a blessing. There I can sit, sleep, lie down, eat, drink, basically do anything in private (just remember to keep clean to respect others)

5. Clothing
I sometimes forget how cold it can get when staying long hours in an airport. If you're on a commercial flight and they hand you a free blanket, remember to take with you (most airlines won't mind this)

6. Company
Most important of all, try your best to travel with a friend. Having an actual person to talk to instead of looking through Twitter is always a better choice when travelling <3

*Refers to travellers on a budget, not family holidays or luxury holidays where you usually prepare plenty of money for shopping and dining ;)

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