06 January 2013

Travel Planning Sites - Part 1

The Internet is my best friend when it comes to planning my travels. These are some sites used on my most recent trip.

Schedule & Activities
Thumbs up: The site is very detailed and takes into account all aspects of your travel.
Thumbs down: They only cater for travels in some European countries (booo)

Thumbs up: Looong and detailed explanation about which items you need / can leave behind.
Thumbs down: May miss out on some personal preferences. (Example: They missed out thermal inner wear for winters below  10°C, which is something I would need)

Finally, some good packing videos for those who have medium to small sized luggage :)

Tip: Your actual best friend to plan travels should be someone who travels the most similar to you. The Internet actually comes second ;)

Stay tuned for part 2!

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