31 October 2013

Layover Tips #2

I decided to make a top 5 list for this edition of Layover Tips :) Here goes..

5. Lots of walks and stretching
Keep in mind you will eventually board a plane, so take this advantage to exercise and walk as much as you want..

4. Comfy spot
Don't forget to bring along a comfy wrap or blanket..

3. Food!
Lots of food, or at least easy access to food (keep in mind your budget and food preferences).
Also, remember to drinks lots of water..

2. Music / books
It's so easy to bring around reading material & music nowadays, you almost don't have an excuse not to. Watching movies is also an alternative, but I like to save that for the plane rides..


1. Company
 Nothing beats long and boring waits like good company. I've experienced long layovers with and without friends/family, so you can trust me when I say that in a big foreign airport filled with strangers, a single friend can make a world of a difference..

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