31 October 2013

15 backpacking tips by graham hughes

He is a bit loud and annoying but he is impressive.

20 Backpacking Tips by Graham Hughes (or How To Travel The World On The Cheap)

20. Avoid expensive countries
19. Travel light
18. Purchase a decent guidebook
17. Bring a laptop
16. Unlock your mobile phone
15. Travel insurance
14. Debit card
13. Mega cheap flights
12. Be creative! (lend museum lockers, ask to use hotel amenities and so on)
11. Blag a student card
10. Overland it!
9. Sneak in*
8. Have a good story
7. Eat street food
6. Drink with the locals..(or skip drinking altogether & choose to be healthy, sober & conscious (˘⌣˘ ))
5.Avoid countries that demand visas 
4. Bargain and bargain hard
3. Don't get ill
2. No souvenirs!
1. Couch surf

All tips were taken from Graham's very loud and noisy video here.

*A tip from my own sister while at the Stonehenge: tickets to see the Stonehenge is £8 per adult so if you just want to get close enough for a good shot (BTW visitors aren't allowed to get close enough to touch the stones anyway), skip the fee by cutting across a sheep farm and you will come close enough for a great close up of the entire formation.

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