10 March 2013

Food, Food, Glorious Food

When travelling overseas I usually stay over houses of friends or families, just to get a true feel of living in the place itself. I usually help cook meals and eat at home most of the time. Still, I like trying out new food and I'm not one to shy from glorious (and gross) new delicacies :)

These are some of my most unforgettable food experiences from around the world:

Sea Urchin sushi, Japan

Sea urchins have spines around them not to protect themselves. They're to protect us. Because they taste awful. And they know this. And they're nice enough to warn people not to eat them. 
Now go eat a chicken.

Lord of the Fries, Australia

I love this place because the concept is so simple yet so genius. Fries with different toppings and sauces on them, each named after a country. Eating this on a cold autumn night made it feel like it was a summer night~ I don't know why no one has come up with this concept here in Malaysia .. or maybe I just haven't discovered it yet!

Hummingbird Bakery, UK

Taken from my Instagram
The mother of all red velvet cupcakes is here at Hummingbird Bakery. There are only 2 stores in London - Portobello Market (original bakery) and Oxford Street. The cake is so amazing, that every bite, chew and swallow contains a different explosion of flavours. I'm no cake expert, but if you can help it don't have any other red velvet than this. It was just amazing. Period.

Stay tuned for more glorious and gross food around the world!

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