07 March 2013

5 Travel Peeves

My 5 peeves while spending winter in London last year:

5. Heavy garments
A nice big, padded, hooded and waterproof winter jacket will completely protect you from horrid weather (read: unexpected bouts of rain and wind). But it is also huge, heavy, bulky and sometimes, awkward. So unless its snowing, your best bet is to bring a small jacket while wearing layers inside.

Big and warm but only practical when it snows.
For every other day in winter!

4. Faulty Google maps
Remember all the complaints of Google Maps crashing around the time Android was being upgraded to another version last December? Yes, that was what happened. All I can say is, thank goodness for Al's Blackberry.

3. Oxford Street on Boxing Day
Unless you're looking to queue from 3am, don't go. 6 hours of walking and pushing through a sardine of a crowd and not buying much is not worth it! Head here instead (they have all the same stores and more stuff). Oh, and did I mention someone got stabbed here during this time a few years ago?

2. Failing to plan
My backpack in London took exactly 7 days. On the last day, we had at least 3 places to cover and they were literally at either ends of London. Imagine travelling that distance with 6kgs of luggage on your back and in your hands. Not. Amusing.

This was exactly the opposite of what I looked like

1. Being cashless
Never underestimate a long haul flight. You think all you're gonna do is sleep, but you will be surprised at how awake and hungry you can be. I overlooked these things and decided I could survive with only Malaysian currency until I reached home.

I ended up hungry, cold, tired and on top of that, alone, for almost 16 hours, and the whole time I was either in a whole other continent or 30,000 feet above the air. I never want to do that again.

Might as well be me

Photo credits here, here , and here  too.

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