13 January 2013

Airplane Beauty Regime Part 4!

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So my own beauty regime is close to the video tutorial I posted before:

Start off by wiping the face clean with water / toner (best choice) / face spray

With clean hands, apply a thin layer of cream mask. If  there is acne, apply some acne cream / gel and skip the mask on these areas.
 If  using sheet mask, don't throw the extra essence as the mask can be soaked in it again / it can be massaged into the skin.

Start applying hand cream all over the arms and neck, especially dry spots if you have any. Mine are my elbows.

Repeat step 2 throughout the flight, especially when the mask feels like its drying out. Put on your eye mask and catch up on some sleep~

About an hour or half before landing, wipe off the cream mask with water / toner (still best choice) / face spray. Move to step 6.
 If using sheet mask, discard the mask and keep rubbing in the essence. Using (most) sheet masks don't require you to wash off the essence anyway. 

Apply a thin layer of moisturiser on your face 

Some additional products you may use are eye cream / gel, lip balm and acne cream / gel. These are not for moisturising but are for target areas on the face which are more sensitive.

Don't forget to do them all with after washing your hands (hand sanitizer works too) as the airplane is a dirty bacteria infested place.

Hope this helps for all beauty-conscious travellers out there ♥ xo

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