29 November 2012


The first time I experienced an earthquake was in Japan. 

It was maybe 3 am and I felt the ground tremble a bit, like when a thunder rumbles to near your house and stuff gets all shaky.

But suddenly the whole house shook like crazy from side to side. 

It probably lasted only about 30 seconds, but waiting for the shaking to end made it feel longer. When it was over, my sister called for me and my brother from her room. Thankfully we were all ok.

The only thing I could think of during the earthquake was "We need to get under a table" but because of the shock I completely forgot that my bedroom had neither tables nor heavy furniture. After the earthquake  I kept saying prayers and whispered the shahadah silently till I fell asleep.

It was scary but honestly a little exciting. I never want to experience it again.

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