31 January 2018

Okinawa Hai (^~^)

Hi everyone :) I am currently in Japan now and just suddenly felt like blogging because there’s just so much to share.

Oh, before I continue any further... surprise! I’m married now! :D We’re in Japan for our honeymoon.

It’s 7.07am at Zamami Island. It’s been raining the whole night and it’s been windy too. You can hear  the slight banging of doors / windows downstairs and the whistle of the wind sometimes sounds like people talking. But rather than feeling eerie, it just gives you a feeling of closeness to the sea. It’s quite touching actually. You can hear the waves from here too.

The birds are awake now and I think there are some sounds of fishermen boats. We’re in our cosy room, a small studio with a built in cupboard and a space to hang clothes. Small, but it’s been the best out of the two places we’ve stayed so far. For ¥3000 a night per person, it doesn’t get better than this.

We just finished our fajr prayer and are just resting. Yesterday was a pretty long day. We stayed up after fajr for breakfast then went our separate ways. My husband booked a scuba diving trip at 10am with Kerama Joy Joy (or Joy Joy only) for ¥7000 all in. I was still wondering whether I should take a bike and explore the island or just head out snorkelling. I decided to cycle because I didn’t have anyone to look after my things if I went snorkelling.

To be continued...

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