19 August 2013

Weird and Wonderful III


Here's a dose of more weird and wonderful tools for travelling :)

Addalock Portable Door Lock
At first this seems a little exaggerating, but after reading this post about horror hostels, this could seriously up your safety and privacy.

Lifestraw Water Filter
We've heard of and experienced a lack of access to safe tap water especially in, um, countries where their definition of hygiene is debatable...so getting your hands on this filtering device might be your life saver during those times. That, or you can use this app to figure out if the tap water at your country is safe for drinking.

Sunrocket Solar Kettle
Ok I honestly fell for this gadget because it was solar powered. Too bad. And yes, it is expensive too but hey, it works is snowy conditions too okay?

Hope that helped guys! Or at least, was entertaining : >

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