13 August 2013

Camping hacks


I've been going through some camping tips and here are some hand-picked camping hacks that I think would actually help

Point a head lamp into a jug of water for an instant lantern.
This looks like an easy way to increase the ambient of your headlamp/ flashlight. Instead of just directing light to single point, you could illuminate a whole camping tent by doing this.

Bring a tick deterrent.
Personal experience taught me that lemongrass/ lemongrass spritz keeps mosquitoes and flies away.

Glue sandpaper to the top of your match holder.
An idea in case you decide to keep your matches in a more waterproof casing.

Repurpose a coffee can to hold and protect TP.
I love, love, love upcycling..which is why I love this tip. If you need to keep delicate items safe from nature's elements, there are tons of household items that you could fit them in. A tub like this fits toilet paper just nicely.

Make crescent rolls over the campfire.
Since you won't be having an oven to bake pastry, whip up some crescent roll dough and bring them along on your next trip. According to this guy, it makes for a tasty (and addictive) snack while outdoors.

Use Tic-Tac boxes to store spices.
Did I mention I love upcycling? Use tic tac containers to store powdered cooking ingredients or cooking spices.

Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets.
A tip for personal hygiene: One-use toothpaste packets, so you don't need to bring entire tubes. Don't forget to seal the ends! (Do this by burning them slightly).

Make single-use soap leaves from a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler.
More single-use items! Carve soap so you can save from bringing an entire bar. This also helps avoid contaminating your only soap bar from being used for different kinds of washes (ew).

Personally if you can start your own fire I don't believe you need hacks for anything. But just in case, doritos are apparently great for kindling. 

Cotton pads dipped in wax are a crazy easy way to make portable fire starters.
More fire-starting tips! Cotton pads dipped in wax are also apparently really effective fire starters. 

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Finally, a towel with pockets. 
Why didn't I think of this before.

All in all, I think some of these tips are pretty useful even for regular travels :)

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