30 August 2013

Bucket List #2

I've had this photo for more than a year now. I don't mind if it was somewhere other than the Bahamas, but it has to be me swimming by myself in clear waters and a clear ocean floor.
It's my perfect beach escape 

Swimming in the Bahamas. Photography by Elena Kalis.

Time and money, especially if I do decide to go all the way to the Bahamas! And if I don't I will need time to find a nice, secluded location similar to this.


Story behind this entry: One of my biggest fears is being in the water. Dark ocean floors and lakes are just nightmare fuel to me (plus the fact that I couldn't swim). Yet I can't help loving it when I see people swim, snorkel, dive or do any kind of water activity. So when I started uni I took swimming lessons and I started to understand why people loved it so much and to see the beauty in it. And when I found this photo last year, I just knew this was definitely something I had to do before I leave this life.

Credits to Travelettes and the amazing Elena Kalis for her beautiful underwater photography. 

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