24 November 2012

Travel Tips

Travelling takes a lot of planning (boo) so I'm still in the process of researching transport, lodging, food, money and destinations. 
*le sigh* 
Also, there is another place I want to go to while in UK, but I can't say much since the chances of going are really slim :(

That aside, one nice thing about travel research is the tons of tips I find on travel essentials. I remember reading Hanis Zalikha's travel must-haves a long time ago, and thinking "This is relatable and I *must* keep this as a reminder."

Coincidentally, nowadays Michelle Phan is writing a lot about travelling. Apart from tips on travel and beauty, she also posted about outfit ensembles for travelling through different weathers :)

From her advice, here are some essentials of mine that I have compiled <3

Aha, here's the warm-to-cold look she posted

Photo credits to michellephan.com

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