26 November 2012

Foreign Languages

You know what would be useful to everyone in this world?

Something that was good for everyone to have. Something that would solve all our problems, from the littlest everyday misfortunes to any impending world crisis.

Being able to pick up a second language naturally.

I wouldn't ask for any super hero powers, or a million dollars for that matter, if I could only speak different languages fluently.

Because with that . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. I wouldn't have gotten confused on the train in Japan, when everyone started turning their seats at Kokura Station

2. The grumpy airport security lady wouldn't have been so grumpy, and the awkward bread store lady wouldn't have been so awkward in Cologne, Germany

3. I would have been able to buy that adorable hot chocolate mug at Amsterdam Schiphol, from these nice but non-English speaking cafe workers

4. I would have made friends with a bunch of random but cute Korean guys who, out of so many people at the train station, decided to ask me for directions in Hong Kong

and lastly (most sadly)

5. I would have been able to speak Thai, Spanish and Korean with my closest friends during my study trip to Germany

Photo credits to comicbillbrumbach.com

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